Community Solar Developer Partners with Software Solution

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Community Solar

New Jersey-based community solar developer Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC has recently taken on Hansen CIS and Hansen Managed Services as partners for its operational and software needs. As the developer continues to expand its portfolio across the United States, Hansen will provide critical managerial elements to keep operations running smoothly.

The agreement between the community solar developer and Hansen Technologies states that the partnership will allow Nautilus to rapidly expand its solar efforts by shifting focus to back-end operations. Initially, the agreement is for Nautilus’ community solar facilities in New York and Maine, though it’s expected to expand to other sites managed by the developer. The hope is that the partnership will create a more fluid environment to promote increased revenue and improve the scale of the local economic benefits.

According to the community solar developer’s co-CEO and co-founder, Jim Rice, Hansen was eyed for the partnership because it has a track record of successful operations in the renewable energy market. Rice explained that the two companies are hoping to expand operations in the future to create a diverse market of solar options throughout the United States.

Hansen Technologies’ CEO John May states that the partnership with the community solar developer should allow Nautilus to expand its community solar options throughout the United States. By joining together, Nautilus and put more focus on its core brand while delivering an optimized experience to its customers.

As the two continue to grow the community solar industry on the East Coast, more homeowners can take part in renewable energy. The clean option provides homeowners and small businesses the option to subscribe to a facility. From that installation, they’ll receive their monthly power and, for being part of the program, a credit that offsets the cost on their utility bills. Community solar delivers lower-cost energy designed to benefit underserved communities and low- to middle-income households.


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